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Why isn't it working?

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Hi, so I have been on YakChat-4400 for a very long time, but I recently stopped and no longer have a Windows computer. But I bought an application that lets me use Windows. I downloaded it, but it won't show any servers, or the page won't load as it use to. My friends have been telling me that they can log in and chat, but I can't. I forgot my password also, but there is no recovery option. I deleted it, and downloaded it again many times, but it's still not working. I just want to figure out why it's not working. Please help! I really want to start again on YakChat-4400.

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After the software has been installed, go to Tools > Community Servers and pick another one instead of the chat server hosted on the * host. You can pick the first server on the list and it should work properly. I've just did this and it worked.

After the installation, the program will display an error saying that it can't connect, but you can fix that by following my guide above and then you can use YakChat-4400 to chat.

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