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Why does the program stop responding?

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I use the program for an Activities Calendar in a Nursing Home. I have the ability to create each months calendar month to month, and can repeat activities using the advanced feature. It seems that after several months, I am able to start a new month, but after I close and save it, I can no longer open it. It freezes, and then I have to do a hard close and the message ccwin.exe is not responding comes up. Help!

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I suspect this is the behavior when the application is not fully compatible with the Windows version that is currently installed on your PC.

Right click the main executable file and choose Properties > Compatibility. From the drop-down menu select a previous version of Windows and then run the program. Additionally, tick the Run as Administrator option as well. This will give Calendar Creator for Windows enough rights to properly write the data.

What you experience could be caused by the lack of running the application with Administrator access.

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