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How can I get IMVU for Android?

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My sister and I want to get IMVU for android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwitch. How can we do that?

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IMVU was released some time ago for Android but Google removed it from the market for unknown reason. There isn't another version or an emulator capable of running IMVU right now and the best thing to do is to follow the development forum for the latest news regarding this issue.

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I want to play it on my phone like I do on the computer
like walk around in chat rooms talking I think it is
unfair meez get to do it but imvu can't that make the
one on the phone boring so upgrade it like meez

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if you want to download it now you can just go to the your app store and search imvu and there it is! hope that helped but the pc version is better then the app so recommend you just play it on pc. btw im Clistra on imvu 2

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