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Is there any program to increase the resolution of movies?

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I have several movies that have low resolution when running in full screen mood and I'd like to know if there're free programs to increase/fix their resolution(I prefer increasing the resolution of the video to increasing the resolution just when playing on my PC).

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yes there is a free download called videolan (vlc player) it allows you to do all sorts of stuff with your movies, and it has all the codecs you need without having to constantly download new ones.

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Any video player has the ability to resize the image displayed by using the Pan & Scan function. This option is available when you start watching a video and right click on the area of the window player. Among Pan & Scan you will usually see Screen Format or Video Resolution. You can also use these to adjust the resolution of your video. Please keep in mind that this is a temporary setting because your video will have its original encoding resolution.

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