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Why resolution of MHDK core simulator is always 720 * 480?

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I have 2 MHDK core simulators with versions 7.19.003 and 7.20.01 respectively. When I click View -> Display Resolutions, three resolution types are displayed.

  1. 720 * 480
  2. 720 * 576
  3. 1280 * 720

Whichever resolution I select out of the three, MHDK displays only 720 * 480 area. Please help me here.

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I am sure there is a reason why the software always starts in that resolution, but one possible solution is to run the program in Administrator mode. Simply right-click the executable file and choose Run as Administrator. Change your settings then repeat the process and launch the software again. I believe this is a situation where the software doesn't save the settings/configuration data due to the lack of security settings.

I've encountered the same issue with Winamp, where I configured it and then launched another instance and the program had its defaults on.

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