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Is there a Driver Update for my (15+-) year old ADS-Tech (Pt#RDX-150) music media converter that I use to convert vinyl to CDs?

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I have been on hiatus from converting vinyl to CD for about 7 years and changed laptops several times, lost the instructions; still have the great hardware and remember how to hook it all up but no luck with software. Please help or direct me to an easier downloadable modern software that does the same thing for free, preferably. Thanks!

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The ADS Tech RDX-150-EF device will be recognized automatically in Windows 7 and above. It appears that Windows 7 will detect and install the latest drivers through the Windows Update feature present in each version of Windows.

Connect the device, then go so Start and search for Windows Update. Perform a check and the drivers will be installed normally.

As for the software, I couldn't really find it. The product is still sold on the Amazon Market, but without a possibility to download it which means that you might have to buy it again to obtain the software if that's even included.

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