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Is the VAP11G compatible with a Yamaha CVP 501 digital piano?

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I am trying to link my daughter's Yamaha CVP-501 digital piano to the Internet via the PC. The PC has a wireless Internet connection to the TALKTALK router which is situated in another room. The piano is set adjacent to the PC. I am looking for a device that will connect the piano to the Internet to download software and use Sibelius?

Will the VONETS VAP11G WiFi Bridge achieve this?

Thank you!

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The piano features LAN options and it can connect to the Internet in order to download songs or any other related things to music (chords, notes, samples etc). The device you mentioned use a LAN connection to broadcast it wirelessly but the piano is not able to support a wireless connection.

You should use the router plus a UTP cable and connect the piano using its own LAN port rather than using additional hardware.

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