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Is this application really freeware?

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Is this really freeware or just discontinued and will ask for a serial number?

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The "Internet Archive's Tucows Software Archive" keeps a copy of the program but registered its status as (in its days) "Shareware".

Unsure if it the program once if was archived became freeware as I use it with my license key, bought in the days it was still supported.

For the record:
After CuteSiteBuilder got plugged a hacked version was created.
People were furious the program got discontinued.
I never ran the the hacked version because I have a license key. When some zealous malware program flagged it up as containing malicious code I deleted the file.

Registration of the software had an online component. Because of users' protests Globalscape allowed installation with the same license key on 5 computers. That was followed up strictly: when installing a 6th time activation would fail. Globalscape Support was for a long time still available and very helpful resetting the counter when requested.

I don't think that since the CuteSiteBuilder page and Forum got scrapped any support can still be reached. Maybe once Globalscape disabled their CuteSiteBuilder presence online they also disabled the software installation counter? Better would be if they had disabled the Trial period from expiring. As they had to discontinue the sale of the program because they did not own the rights on a crucial piece of code the odds are slim they were allowed to give it all away even after more than a decade. CuteSiteBuilder was of little to no importance to Globalscape when they provided it to the "Internet Archive" so what are the chances they spent any effort on disabling the trial version from expiring?

My suggestion would be to try the software installing it with a program that allows to fully uninstall it if the Trial does expire.
A program like RevoUninstall could allow a clean install over and over.  Just meke sure to keep your *.TLX file (and saved HTML files) in a safe place when un- and re-installing. These are the files CuteSiteBuilder creates and uploads for you to place your website online.

CuteSiteBuilder is a great program. It has aged. Fancy stuff like auto-adjustment for mobile phone screens etc. was not implemented as mobiles were barely coming available when the program launched. CuteSiteBuilder still is nevertheless very functional to get your message out on a simple site. If having to re-install the progam to be able to use it after the trial period it is a small effort to keep you going. The faith of this piece of software is a good example of how copyright issues can interfere with creativity and steers development.

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I've searched on the web for CuteSITE Builder, but the software you are looking for doesn't actually exist anymore. I've searched on what used to be the official website, but it seems that it has been transformed into something else.

You can visit the new website clicking here, but to actually download a similar application, access the following results list that contains apps to create websites.

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After I installed the download a serial number and owner information was asked.
I used my ancient details but opted not to "update online". The software "registered" and works.

In the days after the plug on CuteSiteBuilder (CSB) was pulled (a licensing issue with Trellix) and after huge protest of users Globalscape license holders were granted to install a single license on maximum 5 computers.

For years the online registration was kept up with and so was its download site and the data on the (disabled) support forum. Since GlobalScape has removed all trace of CSB from its website the program apparently was placed in the public domain.

I do not know whether the program will keep running after the 30 day trial period.
As the program appears nowadays being widely available for download it looks like the copyright has been dropped.

Though the installation process might not have been altered it might be the trial actually never expires. That seems the logic of putting it into the public domain. Instead of rewriting the installation process (cutting "registration" out) it might have been easier for the generous developers to insert a file to the packet that defacto disables the expiration of the trial period.

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