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Can't move content from iPhone to Samsung.

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I was told to use Samsung Smart Switch app to transfer my content from iPhone to Galaxy Note 8. However, the process was stuck on 60% each time and the connection was broken.

Anyone know good alternatives to this app?

P.S I followed this guide and fully transferred my content.

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This problem is usually caused by the drivers for your Samsung device. Typically, the Samsung Smart Switch contains the necessary but there are situations when the drivers are not installed properly.

You should check the cable you use to transfer the data from one device to the other.

Access the following page to download the driver and reinstall it.

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Thanks for the advice. I reinstalled the driver but the problem still exists
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Did you check the cable as well? Also, reinstall Smart Switch or download the latest version if you don't have it installed. While the transfer is going, force close all the applications running in the background. If a file is locked and SmartSwitch tries to copy it, then it might fail due to a bug or compatibility.

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