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Is it possible to convert nvarchar32 in Oracle to uniqueidentifier in SQL?

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I have a source Oracle database and destination a SQL template database (all the tables and structures available in SQL template database), and in source we have columns with datatype nvarchar(32) and the corresponding destination datatype is uniqueidentifier and I have tried the trial version of Oramigrator and tried to migrate a single table and shows the error "Data migration reported error: The given value of type String from the data source cannot be converted to type uniqueidentifier of the specified target column." Is there a way to address this issue with this tool?

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Apparently, you'll have to crawl the websites listed on Google Search since there isn't an exact and direct way to convert between the strings and data type you have mentioned in your inquiry.

Kindly access the following link that displays all the websites that are in connection to your inquiry above. You'll have to read a little to get the job done.

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