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Bamboo dock installation failed.

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When installing Bamboo Dock I get "Installation failed" message that says that I should delete all Bamboo Dock files if I installed it ever before. I didn't. I tried looking up any Bamboo Dock documents in case I did install it and forgot, but I found nothing.

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I've installed the application and found out that it works normally without errors. If you encounter issues, simply remove it and then install CCLeaner to delete the obsolete registry files and clean any other temporary files.

In CCLeaner use the Registy and Cleaner functions to delete the files that Windows doesn't need it anymore. Afterwards, visit the application's page at Software Informer to download a copy of the program and install it on your PC.

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I've cleaned my computer with CCLeaner a few times, trying all different directories  possible, and I'm still seeing the same error mentioned above. The computer I'm using is brand new, so it's impossible for me to have installed anything tablet related before today.
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I have the same issue, I can't finish installation, even at new computer (never been before install Bamboo Dock at this machine).
Any solutions besides CC Cleaner?

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Although late to the party, I too had this issue just today :) It does have a solution! It doesn't install because the date on our laptops/desktops/systems is not recognized by Bamboo Dock install. BD was discontinued by Wacom in 2016 and ceased to be updated after. The fix is to simply chage the date via the BIOS on your system (I used 2014 on mine to be extra-sure), install the software and then change the date back to current afterwards.

  • Be sure to first uninstall/clean out old Bamboo/Wacom install attempt files
  • Restart your computer and press (mine is F2) whatever key gets you into your BIOS
  • Change your system date YEAR to 2014 (leave the rest ie: day/month/time)
  • Save & Exit
  • Start up your system, install Bamboo Dock voila!
  • Restart your sytem and repeat entry into BIOS, return the date to the current Year :D

Worked a treat for me, hope it helps anyone else who may land here on a solution search!

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Thank you W.Bagel.

Worked for me too . Changing the date in the BIOS was not enough. I had to disable the internet connection, turn off the time adjustment and the time zone because the BIOS date was back to real time.
Best regards.
Evelyne (France)

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