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Lost access a Yahoo Mail account.

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Hi there,

First, I try to follow but it appears that things has changed. I also call a yahoo phone number and the kind women replies me that technical assistance do not longer exist, which is why I'm here.

My context is to retrieve access to an yahoo mail account that I did not use since a while like a year+.
By using the assisted recovery tool, It goes to a phone number which I don't own. I was expecting for a security question but it appears it had been deleted so I'm stuck. I find an old iPhone which was connected to the account with the official Yahoo Mail app. Unfortunately, when I open the app it did not show my mails, only a "button" that represent the account I'm looking for. (It was in offline mode as I'll not put it online unless a do a backup). I wonder if it could be seen as a proof of ownership but it's the best I have. Also, the Yahoo Mail naming refers to my real name.

Assistance would be really appreciated considering my need to retrieve important information from this email. Police ask me for evidence which could be probably in this email.

Kind regards.

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Yahoo suffered a lot of attacks in these recent years, therefore they upped their security protocols and verification. Unfortunately, if you don't have access to the number provided in the email account or don't know the answer to the security questions, the account won't be recovered. Yahoo Support will not help you even if you state that you're the account owner.

You can try to get access to the account through legal means if you say there is evidence, but I doubt that Yahoo will comply since it protects privacy of its users now more than ever.

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Thanks for your kind reply. When you say "legal means" you mean "sue" them ? I could go this far but if there is something in between it would be better but I don't know if it exists...
In good faith, I'm pretty sure I remember the security answer I have provided, I had a screenshot of the yahoo mail app when I was login and I got some logs of the application which state that I was indeed log in years ago... I even jailbreak the related phone to take a look of what it's called "keychain" but the yahoo app used token authentication or I never "saved my password" :/
Are you aware of any special contact (mail, phone, whatever) for something like this ?

Many thanks anyway.

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