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How do I get different colors and shades?

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How do I get different colors and shades on my PC? I tried SS Overlay and it was only red. The program did not seem to give any option to remove the overlay at all or to change colors. There seems to be no documentation with it. I had to uninstall it and re-start my computer to remove the overlay from my screen that was the wrong color. It was inconvenient as I lost some work. Can you help with these problems? Many thanks, Hazel.

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The software appears to be pretty limited when it comes to configuration and features. From what I am seeing, ssOverlay features 2 options, one to choose the level and one to choose the color. There is nothing else regarding advanced customization, therefore it's impossible to say how to obtain different colors and shades.

I've searched on other websites as well, but the same options are available and no tutorial or user guide regarding the way you can customize colors or shades.

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