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Link Ambiloop to a virtual guitar amp.

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Hello, I like Ambiloop because it's easy to understand and to work with. I play the guitar and use it to make some loops, but I wish I could use it after a software that provides me some guitar effects and change my sound. As I understand it, Ambiloop just takes what goes into my computer (clean guitar) but I would like it to take the signal after it went through another soft (guitar rig for example or amplitube). Can someone help me with that ?

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There is an application called Guitar FX Box that applies realtime effects to the guitar connected to PC or to the controllers.

I recommend checking their website to see how and it if works for you. There is also a FAQ page that you can check in case problems appear.

If you can't work with this application, visit the following page to select other products that are used to apply effects to guitars.

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