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The Open Files function doesn't work.

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Why does Open Files not work anymore, it worked way back when I had Windows 7 so I tried compatibility mode and still no luck.

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I have installed System Explorer on Windows 10 64bit and used the function you have mentioned above and it works. Actually, the "Open Files" is called "File Directory Explore".

This is how it looks like:

Main Window

Note: If you have issues with the software, re-download the installation package and install it again.

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No sorry you miss-understanding, if you go to where it says process, performance etc and right click on that bar then click the + on the right-hand side you will see a few tab names, click on open files and it should give you a list of all open files(it used to for me) but it doesn't. I have tried compat mode still no luck. thanks for trying to help though.

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