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Will it connect my Verizon e815 to my Windows 7 PC?

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asked Sep 9 about Motorola Device Manager
edited Sep 11 by Alex Urbach

Will it connect my Verizon e815 to my Windows 7 PC?

1 Answer

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answered Sep 11 by Alex Urbach (306,420 points)

Motorola Device Manager is an application developed to support a wide range of Motorola devices as long as they have Android as the operating system. Unfortunately, Verizon e815 is called a feature phone that lacks the Android operating system and can't be used with the Motorola Device Manager. These phones have their own proprietary applications that can be installed on PCs to transfer the data (contacts, SMS, multimedia files, etc).

You should check the installation package on the CD that arrived with your phone to be able to connect it to PC.

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