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DVR Server running Fedora 9 with included software LX16 Version 3.5. I am looking for an update or a way to reinstall it

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This Rackmount U4 server came running with Fedora 9 and with the included LX16 version 3.5 DVR Camera software but when I try to reinstall it in the same DVR it displays: "The DVR application closed unexpectedly. Please restart the application. When it first opens it displays TSS Digital Video Recorder".

This did work when I first got it but had HDD problems and had to reinstall and now it won't open. Is there an upgraded or updated version or a download I can get to help correct this problem?


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It seems that the problem is with the drive where the software was installed in the first place. For this to work properly you will need another Fedora 9 install CD but since that version is outdated and discontinued I doubt you will find an official mirror linking to the package.

In case you have the CD, please try and install the software into another mounted partition. It seems that users reported that this approach works well.

asked Sep 23, 2013
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Reinstalling with CD Fedora 9 and LX16 3.5 software.

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