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I'm looking for an Android app to use as HART communicator

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A HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer Protocol) communicator wasn't implemented so far on the Android devices because of its limitations regarding the operating system and other factors which are required to run the tool at its best. A HART communicator requires specific hardware which isn't found on the Android devices but since the future looks promising it's likely possible that a device which is running on Android OS will be used as a base for HART communicators. So far, the only devices which run this application are those made by the official manufacturers. Google Play is the place to check once in a while for the release of such applications.

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There is a Android HART communicator app available at It is called teknikol COMMANDER. There is also a free version available on the Google Play store although it has limited capability compared to the full version available from teknikol.

Also, to connect this app to your HART device requires a BlueTooth modem. The MACTek VIATOR is supported by the teknikol COMMANDER app.

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