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Missing dbutils32.dll for GSP Omega.

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asked Jul 10 about GSP Omega
edited Jul 31 by Marco Jauch 1

My GSP Omega program says that I am missing dbutils32.dll. Please, help.

1 Answer

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answered Jul 13 by Stephen Prastman (254,570 points)

As far as I know, there are two possible causes for an error like that: GSP Omega hasn't been installed correctly or is incompatible with your current system. However, since I don't know what Windows version you're using, it's impossible for me to know for certain.

First, you should try uninstalling the application, then reinstalling it and see if that fixes your problem. In case the problem persists, look for newer versions of the program which could run on your operating system with fewer issues.

If none of those worked, right-click the program's executable, go to Properties-->Compatibility and run the file in compatibility mode for Windows XP.

As a last solution, try setting up a virtual machine, installing Windows XP on it and running the software under that virtual machine.

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