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How do I remove Snap Do search engine extension?

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I have a browser search engine called Snap Do and I want to remove it. How can I do that?

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As you have not mentioned what browser you are using I will explain how to change the search engines to the most used browser applications.

In Google Chrome simply right click inside the URL bar and select Edit Search Engines and from the windows that appear delete the unnecessary search engines.


In Mozilla Firefox, click the icon in the search field next to the URL bar and select Manage Search Engines.


In Internet Explorer explorer click the arrow found under the browser close button, as shown in the picture below and then Manage Search Providers.

Internet Explorer

Please note that if the search engine was installed due to an extension install then visit add-ons menus (Tools > Addons in Firefox, Tools > Extensions in Chrome and Tools > Manage Add-ons in Internet Explorer) in order to remove the installed extension.

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At times, however, even these do not help, as SnapDo is a spyware & hacker, which injects virusens, which allows your details to be projacked to the search engine, as in your passwords & usernames, along with any typed data.

Please go through the following post which helps with step by step guide to remove complete SnapDo...

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Here is a video i just uploaded today! its a tutorial about how to remove the annoying from your browser in 1080p quality, hope it helps :) if it does please subscribe ^^

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