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How to format the CSV file for line strings?

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Works great for points, but I can't figure out how to format the input CSV file to get proper line strings.

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I've looked the web for csv2kml and its usage guide, but I couldn't find anything valuable, even if the software supports linestring option in its interface. However, after the search query has been adjusted a little, I've found out some examples of how the linestrings are created and how they should look in your files.

Take this example:

Duration, user, lat-start, long-start, lat-end, long-end
298, Casual,38.9101,-77.0444,38.91554,-77.03818

and it should look like this:

298;Casual;LINESTRING(-77.0444 38.9101,-77.03818 38.91554)

You can adjust this format per your needs in the files that you want to convert.

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