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PrintArtist 25 still does not work with Windows 10.

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I am getting absolutely nowhere with email support from Print Artist. While I have saved projects I have created, I cannot open them for modifying later. They look saved in the print preview but when I open the document it is only partially there.

No one in customer support has told me PA25 will not work with Windows 10. They recommended purchasing this and no one told me it would not work my computer either. Windows 10 has been out for some time now, surely there is a fix for this issue. NOW!

In Windows 10, you're supposed to be able to run old programs on compatibility settings but that's not happening either.

I am really upset and I am getting nowhere with Print Artist. I find it ridiculous to have to pay for support for a program they sold me but neglected to tell me it would not work with Windows 10.

I am a long time Print Artist fan, but I am quickly losing my patience and support. Can you help me fix this?

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According to the official website, the software is listed to work with the Windows 10 operating system. As far as I know, if a program was falsely advertised to work on something and it fails, you have the right to ask for a refund, without questions and motives.

If you've tried everything and still doesn't work, then report this to the developers and ask for refund including support. In the even they refuse, open a case with your credit card company or PayPal (it really helps if you use PayPal) to get your money back.

A good alternative to PrintArtist is InDesign from Adobe, and we all know that Adobe doesn't disappoint when it comes to compatibility:

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