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My watch isn't syncing properly with my phone.

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I recently bought a smart bracelet i5. I downloaded the Zeroner app to sync it with my phone to allow the watch to display the correct time. However, the app and the watch says everything is connected, but I'm not getting any notifications on the watch nor the right time. Here's what I did:

-Restart the app and the watch
-Restart my phone and the watch
-Uninstall the app on my phone, restarted it and restarted the watch
-I went in the settings to give the app access to Bluetooth and my notifications
-I also checked if my phone was good enough, and yes, it meets the minimal requirements.

I went through the user manual and looked for hours for a solution online, with no results. I really don't know what to do.

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I've checked the web and found out that the bracelet you have is among the cheapest ones which means you shouldn't expect quality for such a device. Google revealed that other users had issues with the bracelet as well and the Zeroner app.

I recommend unpairing the bracelet from your phone and then connect it to something else that has Bluetooth support (a compatible device as well). Secondly, if I may, I advise using something like the bracelet in the image below. It's a Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and works extremely well with my phone. Tracks sleep, displays time and notifications can be customized for every app installed on your phone. Just search it on the Gearbest website.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

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