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My webcam doesn't seem to be working, got any ideas?

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I got a virus that was showing a fake "FBI warning". The webcam was actually working prior to the virus infection. I took my laptop to service support to get the things clean up and now I can't access my webcam. Any ideas?

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In most cases the webcam settings or drivers get messed up by various reasons. You can solve these issues by a simple reinstallation of the drivers for your webcam. Depending on your laptop/camera model, please visit the website of the official developer of the device you are using and download the correcsponding drivers.

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This FBI warning was a fake message that says that your computer had been locked for visting liegaill sites but the website takes a picture of the current user and puts it on the page after that you wount have any control over this so you need to remove the virus as quick as possable

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