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Lost digit accuracy problem in ETABS.

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When I checked my model, there was no warning message, but when it starts the analysis there were a lot of warning such as WARNING THE SOLUTION LOST 7.9 DIGITS OF ACCURACY FOR DOF UZ OF JOINT 11484 LOCATED AT X = 1414.000, Y = 698.444444, Z = 1056.000, STIFFNESS MATRIX DIAGONAL VALUE = 2.6116E+10

Why is this happening? After this, when it's time for design, then the result shows almost all beam and column are over stressed and failed. How can I correct my model? What kind of prevention should be taken to avoid this problem?

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This is one of the issues that are usually more common on the local PCs where users have CSI Etabs installed. I've searched the web for this particular problem and couldn't find anything available, therefore the only thing I recommend doing is to consult the user guide available for download.

However, when the error happens, the software will also specify the location where the problem originates. You should use those numbers to change the numbers and model accordingly.

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