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Security breach for Google Partnership setup.

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Can Google Partnership set up be used to hack into mobile phones and use other Google apps to listen to calls, read call log or any other security breach? Using Google Apps? And if so who would have access to do such a thing?

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It depends on what Google Partnership means. If you refer to apps, then yes, someone with enough knowledge can hack into your account if your security measures are not configured properly.

The easiest way to secure an account, even if it's on Google Apps or general Google account is through the 2nd step verification. If someone connects and knows your password, you will be prompted on your device, email, SMS and visual notification if you are logged on giving you a real advantage in terms of account security.

Visit your local Google settings to enable App Passwords (for 3rd party passwords) or 2nd step verification (Authenticator app or Backup Codes/SMS confirmation).

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