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Building a free website on one of the free hosting sites.

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I have several website locations and got them started but can't seem to get any further with them. I can't afford to pay for one, being on a fixed income, and have several accounts with affiliate networks to sell their merchandise, but don't know a thing about getting these sites built, and about how to go adding the links to a website so that they perform properly. I had bought a disc set from the Video Professor years ago that taught HTML, but I am just getting started again after not being involved with computers for the last 8 years, and everything has changed on them. It seems that I don't need to know HTML to build a site now, but all the website building programs are so confusing, and no two are alike. I have pretty-much-forgotten everything I had learned with the HTML and am really lost with all of this. Is there a program I can study to learn how? Something like Website Building and Hosting for Dummies? I need to supplement my income after retiring from the US Merchant Marine, am now on Social Security, so the only thing I really know how to do is supervise a deck crew. Could somebody please give me some info on this?

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There are millions of tutorials nowadays that you can read to learn HTML, but it's easier to just use a visual guide to create these pages. I personally recommend using Adobe Dreamweaver since it offers the possibility to add everything you need both visually and in text mode (coding). There are also plenty tutorials on Google how to do this.

You can download a trial version of Adobe Dreamweaver from the following page:

And here are the tutorials you need:

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Yeah, without a web hosting site can’t be built and this is true. Once I had such an experience and I was looking for affordable web hosting. And I'm so glad I found It turned out to be very convenient for me. Now I do not use it, but I highly recommend it to you.

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