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Text and call from unknown sender.

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asked Mar 20 by Itz2much4me
edited Mar 22 by Stephen Prastman

Is it possible and can someone just send you a message or call you in Viber without showing their phone number? Like its completely only "Unknown" will appear? It happened to my husband, I think he is just making it up but I want to confirm/know if it is possible.

1 Answer

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answered Mar 22 by Stephen Prastman (254,570 points)

Yes, you can receive calls and messages from numbers that appear as Unknown. According to Viber's statements, these are in most of the cases SPAM numbers and should be blocked according to their instructions.

Visit the following link to learn how to block numbers base don the platform where you have installed Viber:

Note: Click on the platform where you have Viber installed to learn what options need to be accessed.

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