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Unlocking software for ZTE mobile phone

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My ZTE mobile phone supports only one SIM card and I want it to support all the networks SIM cards used in Zambia. Is there a way to do that?

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You can unlock your phone by visiting a mobile service store and getting a tool which will help you to unlock your phone (this operation voids your warranty) or visit the carrier's service which requires you pay a small fee to unlock your phone to be able to use all the SIM cards not only from your country but from any one.

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Unlocking codes are more secure than software. So, use code to unlock your ZTE . To get it, visit . Here, you need to specify your Model, Network and Country to get a code from them . After unlocking it, you can use your ZTE with other SIM cards used in Zambia.

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That is correct, to unlock your phone it is best to use a code rather than a software. I usually use to unlock my phones. They are fast and reliable. Hope this helps..

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