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Does EnGenius 11n USB Wireless LAN Driver and Utility work on Windows 10?

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I have this EnGenius 11n USB Wireless LAN, but it's not working after my upgrade to Windows 10. Please advise.

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According to the information I can dig up, the adapter and its drivers are not compatible with anything newer than Windows 7, so you're probably going to need to either roll back to your previous Windows version or buy a newer adapter.

Windows 10 introduced a security feature that only allows you to use devices with drivers signed by Microsoft itself and if the product is too old, the manufacturer usually doesn't bother to get the driver certificated.

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install the software with windows compatibility mode. Right click on the install setup and goto properties find compatibility and set it to windows 7 it should work i have the same EnGenius 11n USB Wireless LAN and it worked for me so just try that.

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