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Can not unlock the folder.

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I have a problem and need you to help. I installed Commeitool when I was using a HDD harddisk. But nearly, I have changed to SSD harddisk and reinstalled the system. Now I cannot unlock my folder. Can you help me to solve this problem?

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When you're using certain folder locking applications, before moving the folder you also have to unlock the folders, because if you replace the HDD or change the operating systems, then the application used to manage your locked folders will become useless as they will not recognize the way they've been encrypted, regardless if you use the same application or not. The locked folders contain a custom string that is stored encrypted in the registry items when they're locked. When the system has been reinstalled, those strings are lost making it impossible to unlock the folders anymore. I am afraid there is nothing you could do to unlock the folders anymore.

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