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Installing an old version of Phototool on newer Windows operating systems.

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I had Phototool on my computer years ago (2006). It was on a CD when I gave photos to print and put them on CD. By chance I found one CD and the program was on it, but it could not start after installing on my computer. Is it because I have Windows 7 instead of XP? I want so very very much this program, the best I ever had especially for frames.Please help me to get it back. Thank you. It does not matter if it is not for free.

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The application that you are trying to install and use is actually very old. There are no new updates or websites to download it from for testing purposes. I've used Google Search along with other websites and search engines, but I didn't find anything about it. I don't think it will work on Windows 7, but yes, Windows XP might represent a chance where the software can be installed.

To install Windows XP, a virtual machine is needed and to achieve this, simply download and install Virtualbox:

Note: You will need an original Windows XP installation disc or ISO.

Alternatively, download other photo editing applications:

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Perhaps should I have indicated that the solution has been found, but I did not even remember this website and my question. Excuse me. birgit
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Thank you for your effort and your answer, although difficult to understand
for someone who does not speak English, which is my case.
But I think it might neverleless be useful. Thank you very much.
Also I do not know if I must click on add answer; so I do it.
By the way, I found an old cd from year 2004, that they gave as a plus with the paper photos, and the programm is on it and works on Windows 7.
How clever to keep everything for years and years.

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Right click the program that works and go to Properties > Compatibility. Use the drop down menu to select Windows XP and tick the Run as Administrator box. This will help the app to work normally even if it's on an unsupported operating system.

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