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Transferring the data.

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How can I save and transfer past 4 years of maps and data to this newer version? I currently have the version transfer.

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You have to check the available BaseCamp tutorials from where you can learn how to organize the data, how to upgrade and perform various actions within the application, including backup and restore. Visit the link below to learn more about it.


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The 1st thing you need to do when you by garmin, S to get the biggest memory card recommended for your device.
Secon get the latest version of Google Earth.
Why google Eric well because every data every trip is gonna be safe on Google Earth when you buy the brand new GPS you gonna hook it and you gonna download every pass trip from google earth to your garmin.
Every time I look at my Google airth I see all the trips that I have done since 2008.
And always make sure to update the GPS when it ask for it.

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