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Need to speak to a representative about a payment made to Overly Nifty.

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South Lyon East HS (in South Lyon, MI) made payment for eDive Team License Renewal (catch-up fee for exp. maintenance) last fall. As of today, that check has NOT been cashed. Our school board office would like you to deposit said check immediately, please. We need to close out our books. Check #237410, dated 9/23/16, payable to Overly Nifty. Please get back to me to acknowledge receipt of this message and possession of said check. If you could call me, that would be great: 248-573-8720, then press 1 for Mrs. Russo.

Thank you.

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The developers of the application have a page set up with FAQs where you can get answers to common questions encountered by users. I've browsed the website and the available questions and the inquiry you've posted above is found in one of the questions.

Access their page to read about it and then contact them. I believe they will respond to this inquiry especially if it's related to payment.

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