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Converting VHS tape with home movie scenes to digital format.

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I want to convert VHS home movies to digital. Many of my tapes have different dated scenes with big time gaps and you would have to go back and forth thru tapes to put them into a timeline sequence. I want scenes made into separate files I could view to label with dates and then use computer to manipulate files into proper timeline to then put on DVDs in order by dates. I don't want to have to monitor process and split scenes into files. I want to just run tape thru converter and end up with separate files for each scene. Is this possible? What products do you recommend?

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There are two major ways you can convert a VHS to a digital format:

  1. The simplest and easiest way is to use a combo VHS/DVD Player/Recorder. Insert the tap, put a DVD and copy the content then you can have it on PC using a simple file transfer and edit it accordingly.

  2. Many companies create digital adapters that you can connect the VCR. They're also called video capture devices. Basically, you play the content on PC through a player and record it as well. As usual, you save the file to AVI, WMV, MP4, etc. and manipulate it this way.

You can use a product like Roxio Easy VHS to DVD.

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