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Project problems.

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I have been using LCC for years, like it and generally find it to be quite useful in creating a new program, compiling, executing and debugging it. Where I have had problems is with the creation and use of projects. I find that if I create a new program, then try to compile it, I am forced to create a project for it, which becomes difficult. Without the project, I find I can't get the program to compile, then execute. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong when I attempt to create a project. Is this step in the process is actually necessary?
Is it possible to write, compile and execute a program, then debug it, and save it as a file for future access without having to create a project for it?

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Yes, some IDE environments won't work unless you create a project for the program you're developing. This ensures that you keep your project clean, with its files and folders and place. Trust me, it's best this way because you can organize the project faster and edit it accordingly. It also makes deployment a lot faster since you can move an entire directory and have the project in another place pretty easy.

I strongly recommend going with the way projects are created and deployed in lcc-win64 or any other IDE environment.

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