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My UMX phone is having issues.

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Well, when I touch the power button there is a white screen, and if I press it again it doesn't let me access the unlock thingie. I have tried a hard reset with the factory setting and it worked, but just yesterday the battery got down low to like 10% so I charged it. It was still on when I changed it but when I tried pressing the power button to play some games on there it didn't work. I am thinking of getting a new UMX phone but my Mom says we can fix it. I kinda need your guys help.

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The problem might not be with the phone itself, but with the display or touch screen. In all cases when this happens, a complete replacement is necessary, but you should get an expert advice from a local phone shop and then proceed with repairs.

Typically, when white areas appear on the phone it means the screen is having issues.

I couldn't find anything related to the possibility of repairing it in software mode.

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