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Is there a setting to get the cash drawer to pop open after clicking the cash tender icon?

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Our drawer is not opening when we click the cash tender icon. It only opens when we go up to Batch+Open cash drawer or press Alt+F8. Is there a setting that needs to be changed? Also, is there a way to open the drawer when we are balancing or is that a security feature?

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The support for this application is pretty limited meaning that I couldn't download a manual, although there is one on a website. When I wanted to download it, an error appeared saying that the website can't be reached.

However, I managed to find their official website which makes things a little easier. The first you have to try is to check the built-in Help section. Developers usually place answers to common questions also known as Frequently Asked Questions.

Secondly, use the following link to get in touch with them:

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