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Adding a new group to SharePoint permissions.

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I have Xtrashare installed on a SharePoint 2010 site. I recently added a new group and are trying to add that group to SharePoint site permissions. It is not recognizing the group either when I type it in or when I try to look for it. It tries to resolve it but I only get a list of what look like GUID numbers. I tried Internet Explorer 11, Chrome and Firefox on top of central admin and Sharepoint designer with no luck. Please help me get this group added.

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The easiest way to get the answer to this inquiry is through the available websites listed on Google Search. I've used a special search string to properly identify the information you need.

Access the following link and then download the available PDF files or visit the links to obtain the necessary info:

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This did not answer my question. I need to know how to add an Xtrashare group to SharePoint permissions. The group is not available in the lookup and when I try to type it in, it resolves back to what look like a number of guid strings [AD Claim Providor], none of these work, get an error with every one of them.

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