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Parsons Addressbook 7 and Windows 10 compatibility.

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I have Parsons Addressbook 7, but I am having problems in working with it. Can I get an up-date version, or can I purchase a compatible program that I can use on Windows 10?

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This is an old application that doesn't benefit from modern upgrades anymore. It has been previously asked about compatibility with different versions of Windows and Mac operating systems, but the answer has been always the same: compatibility is questionable since no updates are provided, and the only way to run it on a new system is by emulating an older version of a compatible OS.

Therefore, in Windows 10, you need to emulate Windows XP through VMWare or VirtualBOX and then you can run it in that environment. It's a known practice for applications that lack support on modern operating systems, but at least it works.

Here are the resources you need:

Note: It's up to you to obtain a Windows XP installation disc or ISO image.

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Parsons Adressbook works fine on Windows 10 64 bit. I took me a while to figure it out. Open the CD but don't use auto set up. Go further and find the 32 bit version. When you install that it works fine. Also make a back up copy of the progam on a CD or USB drive.

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