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Stroop experiment using the DigitalVox command.

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Hello, is there anybody who can help me? I'm trying to setup a Stroop experiment with DMDX. For this purpose, I need DMDX to record vocalization onset of the presented stimuli. I use the command line below. For reasons I do not grasp, DMDX does not respond to voice, although Test Vox clearly indicates a response to speech input. I would be grateful for any help in solving the problem.

<ep> <n 80> <azk> <cr> < fd 50> <t 3500> <nfb> <s 70> <id #keyboard> <id DigitalVOX> <bc 0> <RtfColorOverride [0]> <eop>

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I am no expert in DmDX functionality, therefore it's a bit hard to understand how it works, but you have the possibility to check some pages where developers provided enough information related to the way it works. Follow the links posted below to learn how to use it for your own needs.

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