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IP address failure.

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Ok, so I have an HP laptop and it was connected to WiFi last week, but then I take it to the library to research and it says it has the WiFi symbol with the yellow exclamation mark saying I wasn't connected to the Internet, but I was connected to the WiFi server. I thought it was just the WiFi, but when I got home it had the same problem. I have no clue what is going on because I never had this problem before. Need help please.

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A quick fix is to go to the WiFi Adapters screen in Control panel and disable the WiFi Network Adapter. This will clear the issues that you're having.

Go to Start > Run (or press Windows + R ) and type ncpa.cpl. Right click the WiFi device, then select Disable and Enable. Wait a second and then connect to your network and it should work.

A yellow exclamation mark over the network monitor in system tray indicates that no Internet activity is present, although you can be connected to the router just fine.

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Hey sorry for responding so late but I tried to disable the wifi adapter but it still showed the same thing do you have any other things that might help or if I did it wrong

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