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Device won't start to take a reading.

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Th DailyCare ECG only shows the pseudo waveform in the upper left corner when powered on. It will not actually start to take a reading.

If it is attached to the PC, and the send button is pressed, the popup indicates that it is transmitting records to the PC but the sending never stops and the count of records sent keeps going up well past the number that is says need to be transmitted.

Is there are sort of reset function either on the device (all I can find is the place where you start the time setting) or in the program, to reset the device?

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I managed to download the user guide for this application, but it doesn't appear to support the Reset function or have anything similar to this procedure. You can download the manual for this device through he following link:

When you're connecting to PC, special drivers are required for the cable. You can download them through the URL:

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Thanks for response, Sean,

I had just recently gotten the manual, and also the program and driver.

My old installation stopped working when I ungraded to Windows 10. The program didn't see a connection to the device. I thought maybe the W8.1 driver might work but it didn't.

So I resorted to a fall back approach. I have an XP image (from a licensed laptop that died several years ago and was replaced) and I brought it up under VMWare. Then I installed the program and the driver, and the device was recognized.

However, it won't start to take a reading, which doesn't require the PC program. Plus when I do connect it to the PC and start a data download, it keeps going way past the displayed number of records and never stops. I thought maybe a memory full condition was preventing it from taking a reading (as mentioned in the manual).

That may actually be the case, but I have no way of telling since I can' complete the transfer or figure out another way to erase the memory.


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