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Error for joshua.exe with code 0081C8F4.

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How can I fix this error? I spent a lot of money for this version 3. How can I fix this error so I can run it on my Windows 7?

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I recommend reinstalling the application because there is no troubleshooting data regarding the errors you've been receiving for this application. I've checked the official website and it appears you can only upgrade the software to the latest version.

However, if you want to obtain official information from the developers, then use the following page to do so:

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This problem can be as a result of many things. Some of which are:
1. Corrupt execution file (.exe).
2. An essential file is missing.
3. The installed software bit isn't the one for your system. (64-bit on 32-bit)
4. Inadequate permissions to run the program.
5. A third party folder/file lock/protection is set to lock one of the files.
And so many more.

I will suggest some ways that might help.
1. Disable your antivirus or any security application and re-run. if this fixes it, I advice you to uninstall and download/install a new secure one cause it's better you have a healthy laptop than to use an infected software.
2. If an essential file is missing, uninstall and install again or repair the software by running the installation file while a copy is still installed and picking "Repair/edit" option.
3. Download the right bit software for your operating system. Consult a professional to help you to view your bit if you can't check yourself.
4. Get adequate permissions to run the software.
5. Check for any folder locking software and disable it.

Having said all these, my simple advice for you is to uninstall that
copy of PC Study Bible, restart your PC then install a new PC Study

Good luck! Have fun fixing your problem and enjoy your PC Study.

God bless you!

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