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Transfering program between computers.

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My computer crashed last week and I just got it back, but I need to transfer the programs to my new computer. My old one was running Windows Vista and the new system is Windows 10. I have been using Earthwork 7.5 for a while and would like to continue using it. I am also using Estimator 6.5.9 and will had the same issues. On my old computer * get an error message of "Access violation at address 017A65B8 in module 'QSEW.exe'. Read of address 00000012." Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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The software is still available on the developer's website, but the problem is related to its availability and ways to acquire it. Based on the information found on the website, you will have to contact them because they don't provide anything related to downloading. It's one of those apps that can be obtained after you get in touch with the developers and eventually pay for a licence.

Use the following website to contact them:

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