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Information abotu the Active Mind Series Ages 3-6 Math.

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Good afternoon. I have a CD-ROM called Active Mind Series: "PUTS MATH BASIS", but I also have Windows 64bit and a it says it's for 32bit.

My computer is using 64bit.

COVER number: 065 5279911

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For this type of applications when it says that it requires a specific version of Windows, then you have to make sure you're running it or it won't work. Few were the cases where users had luck to install the apps from these CDs, because when you deliver the software on CD, update is out of the question unless you manage to actually install the application and then connect to an online server to download the updates, but even so the chances to succeed are very low.

Right click the installer and go to Properties > Compatibility. Select a previous version from the drop down (eg. Windows XP) and then run the application again.

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