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Song disappears from players' list without I hit "go to next"

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We are using "Siglos Karaoke Professional" for more than 2 years, and now I've upgraded to Windows 10. Last week-end we experienced an issues that when we selected a song, add it to the players' list and at the moment that we hit "Start", the system does as if we hit "Go to next" while the singer is ready to sing his/her song. This is disturbing, what could the problem be?

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The behavior of the application is somehow connected to compatibility. This means that if you have an older version of the app and updated the OS to the latest version, then the app might behave in a different mode due to compatibility. A major OS change will most likely cause issues to the installed apps as well.

The first thing you have to do is to reinstall the application, then start a song to see if the issue is still present. Secondly, re-download the application from its official website, because I see there is an updated version and even the developer specified that all his apps are working on Windows 10 and previous versions of Windows as well.

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