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Layout issues with the TV Tuner WinFAST PVR2.

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Since yesterday the screen is divided into four vertical sections. From left to right, the first section is very wide and black, the second is narrow and displays the program, the third is also black and half the width of the first and the fourth section is also narrow and displays the program. What can cause this problem? I can not include an image of the screen as an attachment.


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This could be a simple error related to the window size. However the mouse on one of the corners until the resizing icon appears, then keep the button press and drag the icon until it reaches the desired size. In most cases, you can simply double click that window and the software will go into fullscreen, then double click it again and normal window mode should be provided.

Additionally, reinstall the software or Repair it using its own installer from Uninstall a program in Control Panel.

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