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How to get current license file?

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I am the Network Administrator for Douglas County PUD in East Wenatchee, WA, USA. We have used Multi-Batch and purchased it in the past and are not attempting to put it on a new PC. We cannot get the license file to work. We need help from someone in the company and cannot reach anyone. Help is appreciated.

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I've checked the developer's website, but there was nothing mentioned about the license retrieval. There is a support link, but opens the default email client to send them an email. Unfortunately, you will have to insist emailing them because they're the only ones who provide support for their license activation/transfer/renewal etc. It might be possible that you would have to purchase the software again or pay for renewal.

Here is the email address that you have to use:

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That's the problem. I get absolutely NO answer from the company. Not from the support email, not from the fax line, nothing. We will not be buying another license from them if they can't support the customers that they already have.

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