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Error $2B05. Can I reinstall the program to fix the problem?

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When I create new payroll File, it shows the error message "An error occured while attempting to initialize the Borland Database Engine (error $2B05)". How to fix it? Can I reinstall the program to fix the problem?

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Reinstalling the application won't fix the error because this is not a problem with the Borland, but with the permissions that the engine needs in order to work properly to write some temporary directories.

You have to give full read and write permissions to the following directories:

  1. The BDE directory
  2. The base directory for your NetDir and PrivateDir
  3. Your actual temp directory, probably C:\Windows\Temp
  4. Your directory that contains the database files
  5. If all else fails, give read permissions to C:\Windows, and then
    write permissions to C:\Windows

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